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Christmas is coming

The best Christmas ever!
By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Well the run-up to Christmas has certainly been different this year with a toddler! I've met several Santas already (often female), sang a lot more carols, and re-decorated the tree on a nightly basis. The baubles are often to be found stashed away under the rocking horse (of course, where else?), but strangely, the presents haven't been interfered with at all.

Ben has been to three Christmas parties so far, wearing a gorgeous but highly flammable looking red robe with pointy elf-style hood. He's developed a quite grown-up taste for mince pies, and a suitably child-like love of flashing Christmas lights.
I quite liked Christmas before becoming a parent - which is fortunate considering this festive overload. I still have a fear of glitter taking over the house, but I should get away with my Scrooge-like ban for another year at least.

People keep asking me what we're buying for Ben, but actually we thought it would be best to see what he's given first. At the soft play centre where we practically live, he's obsessed with the toy kitchen and mini trolleys, so those could be a good use of his Christmas money. He already owns a metal basket (his other obsession) which a very kind Boots shop assistant gave him to keep. That was lucky, as he wasn't going to let go in a hurry. One of his favourite pastimes is to climb inside the basket and watch Waybuloo on Cbeebies.

We've just about cracked Ben's sleeping "issues" and he's currently going from 8pm to 8am, unbelievable! However, I'm getting nervous in advance of staying the night at the in-laws on Christmas Eve - what if it breaks his routine??

Still it will be worth it for the delicious seasonal feast my mother-in-law provides, and as they say, Christmas comes but once a year!

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