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Great news at my 20 week scan

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Time is flying past and I've just had my 20 week anomaly scan for this pregnancy. I'm over half-way already!
This time, knowing the challenges that even a healthy baby brings, I was more concerned about the possible problems the scan could reveal. Very fortunately, all is well. We were able to see the two halves of the brain, all of the heart chambers and valves, and the heartbeat, the major leg bones, the entire length of the spine, the blood vessels in the cord, and several organs. Turns out they've all developed perfectly without any conscious effort by me. It really feels like a miracle sometimes.

Oh yes, and to get to the other big news... it's a boy! I'd thought it would be another boy since the beginning, just because that's what happened before, and I was very content with the idea.

 Then recently I'd been imagining it as a girl (though I had no instinct either way), because the majority of my family and friends thought it was going to be a girl. What they were basing that theory on, I have no idea.
In fact, I felt a little surprised at the scan when it turned out not to be a girl, but quickly recalled all the happiness I felt at the start when I'd assumed it was a boy. Anyway, I'm over the moon about it all, and feeling much more optimistic that I'll be able to cope. In fact I'm quite looking forward to it now.

Apparently the reason I haven't felt many movements is that the placenta is at the front. This isn't a problem and won't be an issue during labour. I'm hoping it may even act as a slight cushion to protect the baby when Ben uses me as a human climbing frame (i.e. quite often!)

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