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Kate Richards
Oh dear, time's beginning to run out. I'm nearly 37 weeks now, which is often considered full term. But there are still several things I haven't organised, not least the birth pool!

Of course, little Humphrey (as my family has christened him) might not arrive until 42 weeks, which gives me more time. Whether I'll be capable of practicalities by that point is another matter. I'll probably still be capable of writing lists though, and giving orders.

In fact I haven't noticed any signs of "pregnancy brain". My guess is that any forgetfulness can be explained by having so much to think about during pregnancy as well as the discomfort many women feel. I've been lucky on that score too, with just a little back ache that usually eases if I walk around for a few minutes.

Despite planning a home birth (of which more next time), I am in the process of packing a hospital bag just in case. Plus I'm gradually washing all the clothes and blankets we've been lent, as recommended. Deciding on a cot was quite taxing, at least we could choose in the comfort of our home, on the internet. Yes, I've become quite lazy these days. My pregnancy yoga, pilates, and workout dvds have hardly seen the light of day, and I still haven't been swimming, even though it's free for pregnant women in my area. Shameful.

I did go to one session of antenatal yoga, which was fine until we were told to do shoulder stands against the wall. It really didn't feel right being upside down! The weight of my bump had a slightly nauseating effect and I worried that gravity might cause Humphrey to flip over. It's unlikely, but he's currently head-down which is ideal for birth.

Perhaps I'll have some exciting news next time!

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